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6 Best Electric Coconut Scraper in India 2022 (Coconut Grater)

In this busy world, using a Coconut scraper is one of the best solutions for working mothers, Catering services and industries instead of traditional tools. We are using grated coconut in our day-to-day life for cooking many kinds of traditional to trending dishes. Undoubtedly, this electric coconut scraper is found as a fantastic invention that will saves time and effort.

Nowadays people went for packed coconut instead of grating the fresh coconut. But, sadly, that kind of preservative food causes serious health issues. To overcome this situation, the manufacturers invented the Coconut Scraper with enhanced applications like Rotary Coconut Scraper, Electrical Coconut Scraper, Automatic Coconut Scraper and so on.

In this article, we are going to discuss Best Electric Coconut Scraper on the market. Let’s see the review.

Best Electric Coconut Scraper Review:

1. Wise Plastic Coconut Scraper

wise coconut scraper

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This compact and handy coconut scraper is easy to grate the wet coconut without wasting your time and effort. And this coconut scraper is built with advanced technology that is an Anti-tilt switch. An anti-tilt switch is placed under the device and it will not allow to start the machine when it is not placed properly on a flat surface. The Suction knob with anti-skid technology will stabilize and lock the machine on the flat surface and it provides grip to the user. The power button is designed for dual purposes which allows you to switch on the machine and to adjust the speed.

The main advantage of the machine is, that it consists of Press Switch for Safety purposes, when the switch is released the machine stops immediately. When comes to the blade it consists of 8-part, and it is designed using high-quality stainless steel. It comes up with a blade holder for storing and safety purposes. This coconut scraper runs with a 100W motor that provides powerful performance each and every time. By looking into the overall factors this will be a great choice for you with a reasonable price.


  1. Fair power consumption.
  2. Easy to carry anywhere.
  3. Cost-effective.
  4. Safety cover for blade and it is dishwasher safe.
  5. Save time and effort.


  1. Wastage of coconut flakes due to not holding the coconut at a particular angle.

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2. Maxel Cocopro Electric Coconut Scraper/Grater

maxel cocopro coconut scraper

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The Maxel cocopro electric Coconut Scraper is portable, handy, noiseless and easy to use in our day-to-day life. Its attractive design looks great in your kitchen. This vacuum-based coconut scraper is manufactured with first-grade virgin ABS plastic which is durable and unbreakable even on rough usage. And its blade is made up of 304 food-grade stainless steel material, so the blades never get damaged by rust that much easier and it is safe to use.

When it comes to the motor part, it aimed to be designed as low noise. It uses a 60W motor which is more sufficient for grating. It helps beginners and works under slow-speed RPM. As described in the user manual its duty cycle must be 10 minutes runtime followed by 5 minutes break. The continuous load affects motor performance.

And the rubber platform of the machine helps to stabilize the machine during operation. In the package, you will get one more attachment that is spatula to clean the blades without hurting your hand. And it also comes up with Citrus Juicer. Both the collecting jar will be made up of unbreakable polycarbonate plastic material. It will be a great choice for two-in-one users.


  1. Non-breakable collecting plate/Jar.
  2. Compact in size and easy to carry.
  3. Unique in design.
  4. High-quality rust-free blade.
  5. It has a 1-year replacement warranty.


  1. If the duty cycle may not be followed by the user in the sense it causes serious damage to the motor.

3. Sunstar Plastic, Stainless Steel, Coconut Scraper:

sunstar coconut scraper

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This heavy vacuum base coconut scraper has the ABS plastic body featured as durable and long-lasting. And its blade is made of good quality stainless steel material which is sharp and rust-free. This lightweight coconut scraper has 100W motor power. Its recommended duty cycle is 15 minutes runtime followed by 30 minutes break. Safety cover will be given for blades. And the blades are detachable and dishwasher safe.

It can be used for domestic purposes. And its overall weight is 1.7kg, it will be easy to carry anywhere. Inside the package, you are having Main unit, Safety cover, blade and Instruction Manual. If you are searching for a compact and super-fast coconut scraper, this will be a fine choice for you.


  1. Vacuum base coconut scraper.
  2. Superfast grating.
  3. Low cost when compared to other products.


  1. Not a dishwasher safe.
  2. Machine stability is low.
  3. It does not consist of a speed control switch, it is injurious to hand while in the superfast grating.

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4. Malabar Commercial Coconut Scraper

malabar coconut scraper

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If you need a heavy-duty Coconut Scraper for catering, restaurant and canteen purposes, this Malabar Coconut scraper is highly recommended. And it is not suggested for household purposes. Its operation was simple and safe. You have to grate the coconut by sitting at the top of the machine. The blades are made up of high-quality stainless steel material that is extremely durable and it may prevent the blades from corrosion and rust.

This machine weighs 8kg and the motor is driven by 180W with 1440 RPM speed. This super fast motor helps to grate fine coconut flakes in a few minutes. It does not consist of a slow-speed switch. To avoid unwanted injuries you have to be cautious while scraping. If you need the coconut scraper for a huge process this Malabar Commercial Coconut scraper is an ideal choice for you to buy.


  1. Simple and easy to use.
  2. Heavy-duty motor
  3. High-quality blades are used.
  4. Life span is high
  5. Specially designed for commercial purposes.


  1. Look wise it is not very attractive.
  2. Because of the high-speed motor, there will be a higher possibility of injury.
  3. It does not consist of a handle to carry over.

5. Maggi Rio Coconut Scraper & Citrus Juicer Attachment for Mixer

maggi rio coconut scraper

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This Maggi Rio Coconut scraper is one of the attachments where you can fix it with your existing mixer grinder. The attachment is made up of durable plastic material with a stainless steel blade. You need to fix it properly and have to hold the plastic body when the process begins.

While scraping the coconut you have to press the coconut on the sides of the blade and have to slide it in the opposite direction for smooth scraping. Do not press the coconut on the top of the blade, it may cause the shattering of coconut flakes.

You can adjust the slow speed using your own mixer grinder. And it is also having another attachment which is a citrus juicer. This will be a great advantage to buy both the attachment in the same purchase. The only disadvantage is you have to make sure that it will fit with your existing mixer grinder. If not, the purchase will completely disappoint you.

Note: Some of the brands that it will fit on: All models of Bajaj, Prithi, Usha, Havells, Kenstar, Premier Xprsss Ruby, Murphy Richards, Crompton, Rico, Pigion & All made in Mumbai Mixers & Philips (only HL-1646 Model )


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Low pricing when compared to others.
  3. Good quality collecting tray.
  4. Easily attachable.


  1. Slow scraping speed.

6. Nesday Electric Coconut Scraper, 2 Speed Coconut Scraper

nesday coconut scraper

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This Nesday coconut scraper is handy. The scraper is made up of food-grade stainless steel material. It makes the scrapping process much easier than any other product. Simply place the dome and move it towards the direction that you want to scrap and collect the flesh coconut in a bowl. But as expected the scraper is not that much sharp and this takes a long time to grate out the coconut flesh.

The cutter dome will be detachable and easy to clean. And this Nesday coconut scraper comes along with a charger and its output voltage is 7 Volts with a 50Hz frequency. This is one of the safer products than others. And it also comes with a knife sharpener. It has one year of manufacturer warranty. This product suits one who is looking for the safest product on the market.


  1. Detachable scraper.
  2. Safe edge scraper.
  3. Free knife-sharpener.
  4. Long-lasting gearbox.
  5. One-year manufacturer warranty.


  1. The charging adapter is heavy.
  2. In some products, the metallic burr is there in the cutter dome blade. This could be injurious to health.
  3. The operating switch is far away, so it is hard to operate.
  4. Overheating may occur.

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Things to consider before buying a Coconut Scraper:

Blade Quality:

The Blades of the coconut scraper play an important role. The Blades should be made up of high-grade stainless steel material with corrosion and rust-resistant property. And the blade should be detachable and dishwasher safe. If the blade quality is low, the grating will be a tough task even if you are having a high-end model coconut scraper.

Weight of the Coconut Scraper:

The lightweight coconut scraper will be easy to carry anywhere and If the product is heavy, the cleaning process becomes hard. For daily usage, the product should be lightweight so that it will be easily handled.


When comes to the electric scraper, the grating speed should be adjustable. Most of the scrapers do not come up with a slow-speed setting. Sometimes, over speed leads to serious injury. As instructed in the user manual you have to follow the duty cycle of the machine. Normally 7-10 minutes run time followed by 5 minutes break will maintain the speed of the motor in good condition.


Price should always be reasonable. Occasionally, some low-quality machines are having high cost in the market. And high-quality products are cheaper in price. So, before going to purchase need to analyse the specifications and features and invest your money accordingly.

Sturdy Base:

Almost every electric coconut scraper has a vacuum base foundation. While scraping, the stronger base will prevent from slipping or sliding off the machine. If the base is not enough sticky or strong, it may cause serious injury to the user. So, stability is one of the important factors to choose the machine.

Tips to grate Coconut:

  • Please make sure to grate fresh coconut instead of preserved one. Hence, a recent survey reported that most people are affected by consuming preserved food which is harmful to health.
  • Do not store the grated coconut in a plastic bag or tightly sealed cover.
  • Choose the matured coconut for adding excellent taste to your recipe.
  • Make sure not to shred the coconut until its inner brown layer. Because these hard brown flakes may injure the intestine.
  • If you are using an electric coconut scraper, make sure the device will be shock and water-proof.
  • Make sure to clean the blades of the coconut scraper before grating.


Grating the coconut with the traditional tool is a tedious task that we have seen from our childhood. Most of the traditional tools which are operated by hand can cause shoulder pain. To overcome this problem, the inventors introduce the advanced model coconut scraper to the market.

The electric coconut scraper will be helpful for most modern kitchen and commercial usage. If you are confused to choose the electric coconut scraper, I hope this article will help you to choose the best one in the market. Check out and choose the best coconut scraper to fulfil your needs and expectation.

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