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How to make shredded Coconut?

Most South Asian cuisines preferred coconut as the main ingredient. Especially, Shredded Coconut is a stellar ingredient for making coconut milk, cookies, cakes, smoothies, and other porridges. Coconut is one of the allergen-friendly ingredients that provides a healthy lifestyle with rich vitamins and minerals. Consuming shredded coconut will improve your heart health, and balanced diet, stabilize blood sugar, boost immunity, and reduce inflammation in the digestive system.

Steps for making coconut shreds

Step 1: Choosing the coconut

Choosing a browner coconut is a perfect hack to add more taste to your recipe. Hence, the browner coconut consists of a thick layer of white meat. When you pick the coconut, it should be heavy and full.


Step 2: Drain out the Water

You have to clean the fibrous part and you will be able to find the three holes. One of the holes is softer than they appear. Have to pierce that soft hole with the corkscrew or screwdriver. And then collect the water from that pierced hole in the bowl. You can simply consume that collected coconut water or use that water for a smoothie or any porridge for added taste.

Step 3: Break the coconut

For shredding the coconut, it should be broken out into two halves. By using a hammer, just crack it in a circular motion. At some point, it will break out into two equal half.

coconut cut

Step 4: Shredding

Shredding the coconut will be a tedious task using the traditional tool. In order to use the traditional tool, you can use modern types of coconut scraper in the market.

  • By using the traditional tool: For shredding purposes, the traditional tool will be used over a decade. It also comes with different mesmerizing designs. You have to sit and hold the tool on a smooth wooden side and then grate the coconut on the other side consisting of a serrated blade. As a result, you can get fresh coconut flakes to make your food delicious.
  • By Using Hand tool: You can shred the coconut by using a hand tool. You have to tightly hold the coconut and move the scraper in back and forth direction. Use a small hole to get smaller flakes and a larger one for long fine shreds. You can check our guide on How To Use Hand Coconut Scraper (All types explained).
  • By using Manual Vacuum base coconut scraper: The advantage of this vacuum base coconut scraper is to fix the scraper wherever you want and it helps to stabilize the machine while scraping. Then place the coconut towards the blade and then rotate the handle for scraping the fresh meat.
  • By Using Electric Coconut Scraper: Electric coconut scraper simplifies the complex task done by manual scraping. You just move the coconut towards the blade while scraping. You can adjust the speed by slow speed settings. There are different kinds of electric coconut scrapers in the market. You can choose them according to your need.

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The shredded coconut is not only used for traditional food items, but also we can use this for any kind of trending recipes like soups, cookies, pudding cakes and more. Most people feel like shredding a coconut will be a tougher task, but it will be easier nowadays by using modern coconut scraper machines.

Even though it will be rich in nutrients, make sure to consume a moderate amount of shredded coconut in our day-to-day life. Because it has high saturated fat and calories, it may cause a cardiovascular attack.

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