Types of Coconut Scrapers (Grater) – All you need to know

The Coconut scraper is one of the most needed kitchen equipment every kitchen should have. Nowadays usage of coconut is increasing day by day. In India, people like coconut very much. In South India, coconut chutney is very famous. Coconut is the main ingredient for many dishes in India like Sambar, Vadai, Dosa, Veg curry, Mutton curry and more. Here we are going to discuss the types of coconut scrapers and their uses.

In ancient days coconut was scraped by using a serrated blade attached to wooden legs. These days also this type of scraper is popularly known in rural villages. But a modern kitchen needs modern equipment to grate the coconut flesh easily. So, various brands work with different coconut scraper models. Their unique and impressive designs help to scrap the coconut fast as well as easy.

Types of coconut scrapers:

There are various types of coconut scrapers available in the market right now. Those are:

  • Electric coconut scraper
  • Manual coconut scraper
  • Handheld coconut scraper
  • Rotary coconut scraper
  • Wet grinder with coconut scraper

Let’s discuss each type in detail.

Electric Coconut scarper:

Nowadays electric coconut scraper is getting popular and widely used. This makes life easier. All you need to do is switch on and place the half-cut coconut correctly in the shredding blades. While placing coconut in the blades you need to be very careful. Because if you don’t careful at that time, you can easily cut your hand. So, carefully place the coconut shell in the blades. There are various sizes of electric coconut grater available. Home usage and commercial usage graters are also available on various e-commerce sites. You can check them out.

electric coconut scraper

By using an electric coconut scraper you can reduce your workload. You can place this on tabletop or kitchen granites. The vacuum-type base is holding the scraper without moving while using this product.

Manual Coconut scraper:

There are many types of manual scrapers available in terms of material. In the material wise wooden, steel, plastic scrapers are widely used.

manual coconut scraper

The wooden coconut scraper is a widely used model. The process is simple. Just place the scraper on any flat surface with normal height. You can stand on the flat side of the tool and rotate the coconut to get flakes of coconut flesh. The blade in the scraper is shaper and needs to be very careful while using this tool. By using this tool you can get flakes of coconut flesh and you can use this to decorate your dishes.

The wooden coconut scraper comes with various woods. But choosing teak wood is the best idea. Because teak wood lasts long durable and waterproof. A lightweight and durable teakwood coconut grater is the best idea if you are investing in a wooden coconut scraper.

Steel or metal coconut scraper is washable and can carry anywhere. It comes with a mountable extension and you can easily place this on any flat surface. Rotating coconut in the blades will give excellent coconut meat. This will add taste to your dishes.

Instead of a wooden tabletop scraper, the plastic scraper is also widely used.

Handheld coconut grater:

handheld coconut scraper

The small and portable scraper is another type. You can see this small kitchen companion in many houses. Due to its portable size and lightweight, you can carry it anywhere. This model is wood attached with a blade. The blade is a semicircular sharp serrated blade. You need to apply little pressure on your arms and hands to shred the coconut shell. The handheld scraper is affordable and lasts long.

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Rotary Coconut scraper:

Rotary coconut scraper is another popular type of scraper. This unique and easy design made a hasslefree coconut scraping experience. What you need to do is just take a half-cut coconut piece in your left hand and place it in the rotating blades and start rotating the handle clockwise to get delicious coconut flesh. Usually, rotary coconut scraper comes with steel or stainless steel material.

rotary scraper

The scraper blade in this tool is harder and rust-free. It is washable and easy to use. Many of the rotary coconut scrapers comes with a vacuum base. Vacuum base rubber at the bottom keeps the tool firm on the table and hands-free operation is possible. Non-skid design is the best option when choosing this product. A sturdy handle and safe design keep your fingers and hand safe during the shredding process.

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Wet Grinder with Coconut Scraper:

This is another cool type you don’t need to worry about cuts in your hand. Just switch on the grinder and place the half-cut coconut in the shredder which makes delicious flesh.

wet grinder coconut scraper

The coconut scraper is provided along with a dough kneader. By using this you can scrap the complete shell within a short period of time. This is one type and another type of wet grinder coconut scraper is you can grate the coconut directly with an attached scraper. That is changeable. Once the scraping process is complete you can remove the scraper.

These are the various types of coconut scrapers available in the market.

Hope you like this article. What is your favourite type of coconut scraper and tell me the reasons? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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