What is Coconut Scraper and how to use

What is Coconut Scraper? and How to Use It?

In South Indian food recipes, most food items are made using Coconut in their day-to-day life. Because, it is rich in magnesium, nutrients, and potassium and it helps to stimulate your metabolism. Mostly Grated coconut is not only used for everyday food items but also to make many recipes like fresh curries, burfi, sandwiches, smoothies, candies and more.

What is a Coconut scraper?

Nowadays grated coconut is mainly used for all kinds of recipes. A coconut scraper is a tool that is designed to extract the coconut flesh directly from the shell. If you are using finely grated coconut in your recipe in the sense, that a Coconut scraper is the most efficient tool to grate the coconut from its shell. Suppose you have to use shredded coconut for garnishing purposes, you have to choose the shape of the scraper when you buy it.

Most people preferred for grated coconut. But the early type of manual grating is a tough task for every nuclear family, to overcome this problem, many industries comes up with various solution that helps to make the process easier. The modern types of coconut scrapers introduced in the market are available in steel, plastic and wood material with a variety of shapes that helps to grate the coconut within a few minutes.

The modern types of coconut scrapers are,

  • Electric coconut scraper
  • Hand-held coconut scraper
  • Rotator coconut scraper
  • Manual coconut scraper
  • Business purpose coconut scraper

Those products are made based on the serrated blade but they differ in their function, shape and size. To see an elaborate description of the types of Coconut scrapers please check here.

How to Use Coconut Scraper?

Traditional tools for scrapping the coconut are very hard to handle and it is also injury-prone. So, here we go with the coconut scraper tool to avoid maximum effort and make the task easier. Let’s see how to use the coconut scraper tool,

Get the water Out!

The first thing is we have to remove fibrous coir and then remove coconut water by drilling the three holes in their bud end using a corkscrew. Then, pour the water into the bowl and it is useful to add to smoothies or cocktails or just try to drink it which is rich in nutrients.

Break Out!

After draining the water, have to break them into two half. In the natural centre point, you have to crack the coconut using a mallet. By hitting the coconut shell in the circular motion on the crack continuously it will split into two half. Make sure not to hit the coconut too hard, its results in splitting into more pieces instead of two-half. For splitting coconut shells you have to avoid using sharp tools like knives, sometimes which are injurious.

Coconut grating or shredding!

Here we go with the coconut scraper tool and how to use it based on its basic construction! The Coconut scraper’s working principle may vary with its design. Let’s see the basic working mechanism of the coconut grater.

Hand coconut scraper:

If you are using a hand-held coconut scraper this is the way that you have to use them. Hold one-half of the coconut on the scraping plate and take the tool and scrape the coconut meat in a downward motion. This tool makes the long fine grates or fine coconut curls by fleshing them out from the shell. Some of the blades come with rough ends with little holes which results in long fine shreds. And the looping blades result in curly shreds.

Rotary Coconut Scraper:

And another popular greater is the Rotary grater which is more expensive than a hand-held grater. This type of grater results in the same as the tabletop grater. Rotary Scrapers can be operated by both manual and electric methods. Many coconut scrapers come up with a vacuum base which is helpful to hold the scraper tightly on the tabletop. It comes with a wooden handle which is smooth to rotate. But for operating this equipment by hand you need a strong wrist to prevent it from slipping. Sometimes, slipping coconut shells may cause serious injury.

What is Coconut Scraper

Electric Coconut Scraper:

Electric coconut scrapper is another type of coconut scraper that is used mostly nowadays. For safety purposes, everybody now chooses an electric coconut scraper. This simple tool makes the process easy also. All you need to do is just switch on the device and place the one-half of the coconut at the rotary part and it will do the job for you. By doing this anybody can grate the coconut easily.

Wet Grinder Coconut Scraper:

A wet Grinder coconut scraper is another useful type of coconut scraper that also do wet grinding. It is basically a wet grinder. You can get finely shredded coconut by using this type. The working mechanism of this model is easy. What you can do is just remove the drum from the wet grinder and place the coconut scraper attachment in the grinder and switch on the machine. You can place the half-cut coconut scraper on a rotary and get the finely grated coconut. That’s it.

Tips to buy a Coconut scraper

  • The coconut scraper should be easy to use.
  • It must be washable.
  • It should be durable.
  • Blades must be sharp and of superior quality.
  • It should be cost-effective.

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Using traditional tools to grate the coconut takes a long time with more effort. To simplify the complex work coconut scraper will be used. The Coconut scraper will save time and effort and it will be a good option for daily usage. Hope this article will be helpful in knowing all about coconut scrapers. Stay tuned with Coconutscrapper.in for more detailed guides and reviews.

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